Antimicrobial Coating / Urethane Mortar – Food Processing – Indiana

Start Date: 9/5/2015
Project: 3,600 sq/ft –  Urethane Mortar with Antimicrobial Urethane Topcoat
Location: Indiana
PO# 4783

Our Urethane Topcoat has   been   modified   with   an antimicrobial
component that is integral to the manufactured product. The product is protected against bacterial and fungal growth. The antimicrobial properties will remain effective for the life of the product.
Suited for laboratories, hospitals, veterinary clinics, show room floors, and other places where anti-microbial, physical and chemical resistance properties combined with light stability are important.
•       High-gloss provides UV stability and light reflectivity
•       Excellent resistance to tire staining (hot or cold)
•       Very Chemical Resistant
•       Four times floor life compared to most epoxies
• Complies with  VOC  regulations  for  Industrial Maintenance Coatings in the OTC & CA*
(*excluding SCAQMD) 


Michigan Specialty Coatings Website

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