Polished Concrete – Automotive Supplier – Sterling Heights, MI

Michigan Specialty Coatings installs over 50,000 square feet of polished concrete in Michigan warehouse for automotive industry supplier.

Start Date: 12/1/2015
Project: 50,277 sq/ft– Polished Concrete
Location: Michigan
Duration: 8 Days
PO# 5028

Polished Concrete has many benefits. It is cost efficient, in fact it has the lowest 10-year life cycle cost of any flooring solution

  • Custom finishes, sheen and colors available
  • Less permeable than concrete
  • High Abrasion, scratch, and staining resistance
  • No cure time required
  • Protection from contaminants
  • Easy to clean and maintain – virtually maintenance free
  • Meets and exceeds OSHA requirements
  • No VOCs or odors
  • Qualifies for inclusion on Silver, Gold and Platinum LEED
  • No Adverse reaction to ultraviolet light or water spray
  • Eliminates moisture vapor failures related to floor coverings
  • Does not support combustion – eliminates smoke or toxic fumes
  • Extremely high light reflectivity compared to coatings


michigan specialty coatings website

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