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Urethane Cement – Medical Industry – Michigan


Medical industry technologies firm resurfaces maintenance shop floor in Michigan plant using Urethane Mortar and Polyaspartic Coating.

Start Date: 2/16/2016
Project: 1,537 sq/ft Maintenance Shop Area – Medical Industry
Location:  Michigan
Duration: 3 Days
Scope: Remove existing coating, Clean / Patch all joints, Apply Urethane Cement System at 1/14″, Broadcast Aggregate to Rejection and Topcoat with a Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Our Polyaspartic is a 2 or 3-component (when pigmented), 100 % solids modified aliphatic/polyaspartic floor coating material that exhibits fast cure, excellent UV resistance and has very low odor.  It is an ideal coating for use in decorative applications where a rapid cure, UV resistant, low odor, high build coating is desired. Our Polyaspartic system exhibits good resistance to the most common chemicals, has zero VOC’s and meets all USDA guidelines for use in federally inspected facilities.
USES: Our Polyaspartic provides excellent abrasion resistance and longlasting protection for any floor coating system. This unique, fast-setting material is ideal for areas that need to be returned to service quickly but also need good abrasion, chemical and UV resistance.
ADVANTAGES: • 100% Solids • Fast return to service • Solvent-free • Good overall chemical resistance • Very low odor • Superior UV resistance

Michigan Specialty Coatings Website

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