Urethane Cement Floor – Loading Dock – Ohio

Michigan Specialty Coatings uses Urethane Cement System in Loading Dock Floor of food production facility. This system is commonly used in Food processing kitchens, Commercial kitchens, Food and Beverage plants, Sugar processing plants, Meat and Poultry plants, Restrooms and concession stands.

Start Date: 3/19/2016
Project: 2,500 sq/ft  Loading Dock Area
Location: Ohio
Duration: 2 Days
Scope: After removing previously faired flooring system, the concrete floor was scarified. Any bond breakers to the coating were removed and a 3/8″ thick Urethane Mortar System was applied .
Advantages :• Rapid cure and hardness development • Water based • Hot cooking oil  and steam resistance • Low temperature cure • Will not lose bond due to thermal shock • Impact resistant • Moisture Resistance • No moisture testing required. • Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities  •  It is designed  to protect concrete, wood and steel substrates from thermal shock, impact, corrosion,  chemical attack and abrasion.
PO# 5279

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