High Traffic Urethane Flooring System

Automotive Supplier Floor System installed in Port Huron, Michigan


Michigan Specialty Coatings applies High Traffic System at chassis casting facility in Michigan. Completes 16,000 square feet in 4-days. 

Start Date: 6/17/2016
Project: 16,000 sq/ft
Location: Port Huron, Michigan
Duration: 4 Days
– Mechanical surface preparation using diamond grinders with hepa vacs and shotblasters.
– Cut off or beat down any existing exposed metal studs in the floor.
– If new concrete slabs are less than 28 days we will need to apply a pre-treatment to the area.
– Oil saturated areas received an oil-stop pre-primer.
– Prepare joints and install polyurea joint treatments
– Install patching treatments to deep damaged areas in floor and to fill holes and patch where metal is exposed
– Apply epoxy primer over entire floor (Blade Prime)
– Install High Build 100% Solids Epoxy
– Sand entire floor and clean floor
– Install High Traffic System Urethane Finish. ***Note HTS will have much better abrasion and wear protection and will not micro scratch and dull over time like an epoxy finish.***.
PO# 5520

Various Benefits of This Product:
– Complete light stability over the expected life of the coating.
– Proprietary three-component formula withstands high-volume, heavy wheeled traffic areas
– LEED® CREDIT – LEED Green Building Certification Program credits may be available: Indoor Environmental Quality, 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials, Paint & Coating
– Environmentally Safe – low odor formula, virtually solvent-free and ideal for odor-sensitive environments during application
– This floor system is commonly used on aisles, loading docks, repair shops, hangars and other high-traffic areas

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