Fiberglass Reinforced Lining System – Michigan


Start Date: 08-15-16
Project: 7,988 Sq/Ft
Location: Michigan
Duration: 2 Weeks
Scope: Protective Industrial Polymers Enhanced Chemical and Solvent-Resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Lining System – InhibiChem SR-FGR-L

Michigan Specialty Coatings installs Protective Industrial Polymers’s Inhibichem System at plastic molding plant in Michigan. The InhibiChem SR-FGR-L consists of a vinyl ester primer, followed by vinyl ester troweled basecoat that is reinforced with fiberglass mat and saturated with a vinyl ester resin. The system is then top-coated with one or two applications of a flake-filled vinyl ester coating. This system exhibits excellent chemical, wear, impact and abrasion resistance.

System Advantages:
• Withstands high temperatures
• Handles intermittent spills up to 140°F (60°C)
• Reinforced flake topcoat
• Excellent permeation resistance
• Superior solvent and chemical resistance
• Excellent wear characteristics
• Available in variety of colors for finish coats


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