Double Broadcast Decorative Quartz Flooring in Michigan

Start Date: 01-31-17
Project: 4,060 Sq/Ft Decorative Quartz Flooring
Location: Michigan
Duration: 5 days

Outline of a double broadcast decorative quartz flooring system installed at a commercial facility in Michigan by Michigan  Specialty Coatings. 

A double broadcast of quartz into a  clear epoxy is sealed to provide a seamless surface
that resists spills and is cleanable. The 1/8” system is very durable and has a decorative appearance. Satin-Gloss, slip-resistance, and UV-resistance was achieved. The addition of high-wear urethane topcoat was used to introduce a satin/semi-gloss finish and increase the wear resistance of the system.

System Advantages:
• LEED – Credits available – Indoor Environmental Quality – 4.2 Low Emitting Materials, Paint & Coatings
•Low odor/Low VOC
• Excellent resistance to tire staining (hot or cold)
• Resists Skydrol®, jet fuels and other chemicals
• Four times floor life compared to most epoxies
• Complies with VOC regulations for Industrial Maintenance Coatings in the OTC & CA* (*excluding SCAQMD)
• Handles intermittent spills up to 140°F (60°C)
• Reinforced wear (glass beads / ceramic quartz)
• Excellent permeation resistance
• Superior solvent and chemical resistance

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