Epoxy Floor Coating installed in Michigan packaging plant

MSC Floors installs three-thousand square feet of epoxy flooring in Michigan packaging and logistics facility. 

Start Date: 02-17-17
Project: 3,300 square feet of Decorative Flake / Epoxy Floor Coating with urethane topcoat
Location: Michigan
Duration: 3 days

– Mechanically abrade the surface of the floor, this will remove the failing coating and achieve the proper concrete surface profile for coating
– Edge grind all tight areas that the large machines can not reach (example: tight to walls, etc.)
– Use existing joint fill in control joints
– Reconstruct the 10 linear feet of joint transition between the epoxy floor and the warehouse floor that has deteriorated under hilo/hand cart traffic. Saw cut and jackhammer back to good concrete; trowel in new cementitious mortar; saw cut the joint and fill with a gray polyurea to honor movement.
Note: This is a long-term repair and will protect the shoulder of the joint from the heavy loaded traffic.
– Clean cracks and fill with epoxy
– Sand cracks smooth to minimize visibility. Joints will still be visible via a depression but will be filled (as they currently are) and coated
– Apply epoxy primer/ binder using epoxy primer coat
– Apply a high build epoxy coating in Medium Gray
– Random broadcast of vinyl color chip accent (Black & Light Gray)
– Clear topcoat with High Traffic Polyaspartic Coating with glass bead for increased abrasion resistance and gloss retention

The system installed will perform tremendously better than previous coating. By achieving the proper profile to the concrete, mechanically bonded for primer, this will ensure the floor properly prepared and doesn’t flake or peel off from substrate. Additionally, finishing the floor with a high traffic, polyaspartic topcoat, will give superior resistance to scratches from pallets and fork truck traffic. This topcoat has an aggregate that will take the impact of items that are dragged rather than the actual urethane or epoxy getting the abuse. (SO: 2317)


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