47,000 sq/ft Urethane Cement – Food Packaging and Processing – Ohio

MSC Floors installs over 47,000 square feet of urethane cement flooring in Food Packaging and processing facility. The crew utilized special products to be able to work in constant 38 degree temperatures. The floor was topcoated with a polyaspartic topcoat to ensure chemical resistance.


Start Date: 3/18/2016

Project: 47,000 sq/ft  Food Processing Areas – Coolers
10,000 of it was 1/8″ Slurry while 37,000 of it was 1/4″

Location: Ohio

Duration: 16 Days

Scope: -Mechanical Surface Preparation using scarification with dust containment
to achieve a deep profile in the concrete surface to the Floor Area.
– Installation of keyway terminations at all transition areas and around all drains. This includes cutting with carbide blades and then chiseling back to provide a bulk head at edge of floor.
– Clean out and prepare joints.
– Install pre-patching treatments to damaged areas including cracks
and spalled areas
–  Power Vacuum the area to remove potential bond breakers.
-Install antimicrobial urethane mortar @ 1/4″ thickness to the floor surface.
–  Broadcast Ceramic Color Quartz to Rejection to saturate the Urethane Mortar to the floor area.
– Vacuum and sweep up the Quartz from the floor leaving a clean surface.
– Install Polyaspartic top coat @ 10 mils over the floor surface. This finish coat has great UV stability, chemical resistance, and will offer the best wearing surface on the market. Wear patterns will not be apparent after extensive use with this satin finish product.


Various Advantages to this type of system:

* 1/4″ will provide a functional floor system for years and years (and years!)

* Polyaspartic t is a durable, long lasting performance topcoat for high volume, heavy load traffic areas

* LEED – Credits available – Indoor Environmental Quality – 4.2 Low Emitting Materials, Paint & Coatings. Low VOC – 5 grams per liter

* Aggressive texture creates a safer workplace by providing greater traction which reduces risk of slip and fall accidents

* Ensures beautiful floors with a 100% aliphatic, UV-stable formula

* Protection against punishing hard-wheeled traffic or chemicals

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