Polished Concrete Flooring in Michigan – Commercial Showroom

Polished concrete, also known as concrete polish, is obtained through a process of refurbishing the surface of concrete into a stronger and glossy finished floor.  The process of grinding, strengthening, then polishing your concrete transforms the concrete into a durable flooring solution.  Polished concrete installation by MSC Floors will improve your existing concrete’s performance and protection.

Start Date: 6/15/2017
Project: 15,000 sq/ft– Polished Concrete
Location: Lapeer, Michigan
Duration: 9 Days
Scope: – Protect walls with plastic – Clean the floor and joints – Put down RetroPlate KickStart – Wet cut the concrete with to achieve the “salt and pepper” stone exposure
– Continue to Polish the floor up to a 1500 gloss sheen  – Hand polish edges and column diamonds
SO# 2560


> See our Polished Concrete page on our website and view over 40 pictures of jobs we’ve done as well as case studies, color charts and more. http://mscfloors.com/polished-concrete/

> Here are some brief outlines of more jobs we’ve done using Polished Concrete Flooring, complete with pictures and process notes: https://mscfloors.net/category/polished-concrete/

Watch a time-lapse video of MSC Floors installing a different Polished Concrete floor:


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