80,000 sq/ft of Decorative Quartz Flooring AND QUARTZ WALLS!

MSC Floors completed the project of approximately 80,000 square feet of quartz flooring, quartz walls, full flake walls, and even quartz ceilings. The world headquarters of a Leading Independent Supplier of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Development Tools. They wanted something really unique and durable for this special location. The location included a warehouse area, manufacturing area, commercial kitchens, showers, bathrooms, conference areas, and stairwells that all needed to be coated with a double broadcast of ceramic quartz, and in some areas full broadcast of 1/4″ flake as well.

This project won 2nd place in the Commercial Concrete category at the 2018 Coatings Pro Magazine Contractor Awards. This is a nationally circulated magazine beating out thousands of applicants around the country!!

Start Date: 09/01/2017
Project: 80,000 sq/ft
Location: Novi, Michigan
Duration: 40 Days

Double Quartz Broadcast on Walls: To Coat the walls with several layers of ceramic quartz we did the following steps: – Prime substrate – Shoot the 1st broadcast of quartz into next coat of clear epoxy using a hopper gun – Second broadcast of quartz into clear epoxy grout coat – sand imperfections and apply 3 coats of clear polyaspartic

Full Decorative Flake Broadcast Walls:- Prime substrate (drywall) with Colored Epoxy – hand broadcast chip into epoxy – Spike roll chips to lay flat – Once dry (cured) scrape the wall – Apply three coats of clear polyaspartic

One of the biggest challenges was broadcasting a 25 foot wall in the stairwell with colored quartz. A scaffold had to be erected for each coat. This process requires multiple coats.  Rolling out material between the poles in the scaffolding proved extremely difficult. This combined with the quick working time of polyaspartic (under 15 minutes) meant for quick thinking and a clear plan of execution.
There were several showers that had to be coated as well: floor, containment area, walls and ceilings. We had to create the containment area with concrete cement and apply a full broadcast of flake onto the ceiling.


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