MSC Floors climate-controlled fleet keeps going even in the most severe climates

It is widely known in the coatings industry that environmental temperatures are a key factor in installation of concrete coating systems. But a lesser known fact is that it plays an important role in the transportation of the flooring chemicals. The majority of resinous flooring materials should be kept at “room temperature” (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit). If the temperature of the product dips below freezing or even above 95 degrees Fahrenheit it can render the product unusable.   This poses a huge problem for material suppliers as well as flooring installation crews in Midwestern United States where it can be on either side of extreme temperatures throughout the year.  Especially during the winter months, the industry in the region can come to a complete stand still.

MSC Floors combats this by outfitting their mobile fleet with Climate-Controlled Semi-Truck trailers.  In the brutal winter climate when material suppliers cannot ship due to risk of material freezing, MSC Floors simply takes a trip to the vendor, picks the material up, and transports it safely to the job site.  The same for when the temperatures heat up, causing epoxy products to lose their optimum viscosity.  The trailers keep a constant temperature even when parked assuring consistent job parameters.  This allows MSC Floors to eliminate  downtime so when the customer is ready, so are they.



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